Carolinas Vision Group eye doctors

We’ve doubled our team of eye doctors. See Drs. Douglas, Kotsokalis, Knudson, and Rickher.

2 New Charlotte Hometown Optometrists

Carolinas Vision Group is xcited to announce that we have two new doctors our patient care team! Drs. Knudson and Douglas searched long and hard to find the perfect fit for our practice. We were fortunate to find two doctors that are patient-focused, great listeners, care about our employees and happen to be brilliant!

Another Dr. K

Welcome Dr Steven Kotsokalis (pronounced Kot-so-kah’-lis). Yes, we know that is another “Dr K” since his name is about as easy to say as Knudson, but that lets you know how much we think of him! He is from Charlotte, and you can read more about Dr. Kotsokalis here.

Weddington Native

Dr. Amanda Rickher (pronounced Rick’-er) is also from Charlotte! Dr. Rickher is a Weddington native and beyond excited to be returning to the area. Read more about Dr. Rickher here.